Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cari Jewelry worn by Gina Bellman in LEVERAGE Season 3!

Watch for our jewelry on Gina Bellman in season 3 of the TV show LEVERAGE on TNT. Sundays at 9/8c.

We are so excited to announce that our Large Gold Dog Tag necklace is the signature necklace for the character "Sophie" and is even weaved into the storyline! She wears the dog tag blank to signify that we don't know her real name yet. (They are con-artists and always pretending to be other people). She announced at a press event in Portland (Con Con) that she's hoping the tag will have her real name stamped on it by the end of the season!

The producer saw the article in the Oregonian Newspaper about us and Megan Fox wearing our jewelry last year and gave it to the Costume Designer. They chose a variety of pieces for "Sophie"/Gina to wear throughout the season. And the Gold Dog Tag is worn in almost every episode. Gina even ordered a Medium Dog Tag with her new baby's name and birth date on it and an angel wing for herself!

The Oregonian met with us this week, at TWIST in Portland (where our jewelry is sold), and did a full interview and photographed us and the jewelry. (scroll down to view article)

We are so very excited about this and hopeful that it will help our business grow and continue to thrive. Please help spread the word!

It has also inspired us to create new designs. Check out the new RINGS on our website!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jewelry by Cari hits the Hollywood Big Screen!- Megan Fox wearing our Tiny Disc Necklace in Transformers 2-releasing 6.24.09

Over a year ago the makers of Transformers 2 ordered our Teeny Tiny Disc Necklace with an "M" on it for Megan Fox to wear in the movie! They saw it at LTH Studio, in Studio City, CA, and ordered 4 of the exact same necklace in silver: A Teeny Tiny Disc with an "M" hand-stamped, a Quartz Briolette, and our Adjustable Link Chain with a Lobster Clasp. We stamped the back of the discs with our "CARI" logo, and the chain has our logo tag as well. YAY!

We've had it in the back of our heads since then and noticing Megan Fox as she is becoming wildly popular.
Then the other day the owner of the store mentioned that she has been contacting magazines about it. And so I wondered when it was coming out, looked it up online and found the trailer- and 30 seconds in, THERE IT WAS! Totally popping in the light and looking so great on the absolutely GORGEOUS Megan Fox! We seriously couldn't believe it! Even though we knew they bought the necklace you just never know if maybe it was just for one scene that got cut. Or they could have decided not to use it after all. So often things like this don't turn out how you think they will. This time it has already turned out beyond all expecations and the movie hasn't even come out yet!!! I wonder how much it's in there? I'm honored and grateful for a split second, but imagine if it's more...

The thing that I think is really cool is to trace back to how this came to be. Way back in the beginning (2003/2004) I was determined to have our jewelry worn by stars. A close friend, Mark Bella, was producing for MTV and I aksed him if he had any celebrity connections. He had just done an interview with Christina Aguilera's then stylist, Trish Summerville. He gave me her contact information and I was beside myself when she responded to my email. She asked me to send a "Look Book". I had NO Idea what that would look like or how to go about making one. I ended up going all-out and spending weeks on a picture book of favorite creations (back then it was wire-twisted beautiful gemstones and fine silver beads). She referred me to the owner of LTH Studio to potentially sell our jewelry. She loved it and I recall being SO super excited to be in this store. Since then, she's carried every collection we've had and has hosted a couple of Trunk Shows for us. We've become great friends and as I pitch this story to press I'm plugging her store along the way.
The movie releases June 24th. We'll be in California when it releases. How exciting! I'm hoping this will help us get our jewelry into some new stores. There must be some cool boutiques who, even in this troubled economy, are looking to keep things fresh and bring in new lines... and of course, I hope lots of people buy this necklace for themselves. It's not only super cute but now it has a fun story behind it!

The necklace is for sale on our website and at our retailers for only $50 with any initial (and the back stamped with our logo). Check it out here:
Get one for yourself and for your friends!!!
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xxx Cari